Our Food, Our Family with Michela Chiappa

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Michela Chiappa is in Abercynon for the fascinating and touching story of the Nevins family. 57-year-old food lover Kemi Nevins is mum to three grown-up children, and runs a successful café with her youngest child Patrick. Born in 1962 to Nigerian parents studying medicine in London, at the age of six months Kemi was temporarily fostered by a British family. At the age of six, once her parents had qualified, she was taken back to Lagos, Nigeria to live with them. But she couldn't settle, and pined to return to her foster family. Kemi returned to the UK and left any traces of her Nigerian life behind. Now her children are adults themselves, they would like to know more about their heritage, but Kemi shows little interest. Can Michela and son Patrick convince Kemi to reconnect to her roots through her love of food?