The A-Z of Eurovision

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The A-Z of Eurovision Rylan Clark-Neal, commentator of the BBC's Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals coverage and lifelong fan of the global singing competition, narrates a guide to all things Eurovision in this compilation of highlights. Rylan takes a lighthearted yet affectionate, sideways look at the greatest singing competition on the planet. Moving through the alphabet, Rylan serves up some of the most memorable classic moments from the show's 64-year history. This comprehensive A-Z relives some of the more outrageous performances and looks back at the most comical voting gaffes. Rylan also celebrates the greatest interval acts and reminisces on the funniest moments of commentary from Sir Terry Wogan and Graham Norton. If C is for costume changes and F is for famous faces, can you guess what Rylan has chosen for the letters X and Z? The A-Z of Eurovision features dancing gorillas, Polish butter churners, fainting backing singers and Celine Dion on a tractor!

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BBC 2 HD 16-05-2020 23:00 - 00:00 The A-Z of Eurovision
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