Young, Welsh and Bossin' It

Taal: NL

Young, Welsh and Bossin' It When 22-year-old Nanial Jones lost his bar manager job at the beginning of the pandemic, he turned to his twin passions as a way to make money: fashion and music. As keyboard player in up-and-coming Cardiff band CVC, Nanial was responsible for their look - all pre- loved 1970's West Coast flares and paisley shirts. Other bands came to him for style advice, and so during lockdown he turned his hobby into a business. Starting by selling vintage threads on Depop and eBay, we catch him as he opens his first stall at Cardiff's Indie Supermarket. But having invested all of his savings - £3k - into the venture, and with a Christmas lockdown looming, has Nanial made a bad move? In Mold, when 22-year-old Alaw Haf lost her gym job to lockdown, she turned her part-time work modelling underwear on OnlyFans into a full-time job. Working from her bedroom, and with the help of her sister Fflur, Alaw is now pulling in £5k a month. But is what she does harmless fun, or soft porn? Alaw gives us an eye-opening insight into the world's fastest growing content platform. Meanwhile, in Penarth, Toni Leigh Hall of Banter Cards makes a welcome return to the Young, Welsh brand. With typical business cunning, she's brought out an hilarious range of cards, calendars, door- mats, mouse-mats, mugs, and - her biggest seller ever - face-masks; that throw some much needed humour onto the last 12 months. Despite the pandemic, more under-25s are setting up businesses than ever before. These entrepreneurs are young, Welsh and bossin' it.

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